12/18/14: Losing Ground -- Research Brief, December 2014 (View)
12/08/14: Work Experience Program 2013-14 Report (View)
12/08/14: YouthCorps 2014 Impact Report (View)
10/30/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014: Executive Summary (View)
10/30/14: Hunger in Ohio 2014: Full Technical Report (View)
09/30/14: Summer Meals Programs for Children: Summer 2014 (View)
09/04/14: FY2014 Independent Economic Impact Analysis on Food Programs (View)
09/04/14: Tackling Child Hunger in Ohio (View)

What's Working and How Can We Improve? A brief co-released by the Ohio Association of Foodbanks and Voices for Ohio's Children.

08/29/14: Governor Kasich Signs Hunger Action Month Proclamation (View)

Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor signed a proclamation declaring September 2014 Hunger Action Month throughout Ohio, encouraging all citizens to take part in its observance.

08/20/14: Request for Funding in 2016-17 State Biennial Budget (View)
08/20/14: Endorsement Form for 2016-17 State Budget Request (View)
04/30/14: Ohio Foodbanks Child Nutrition Programs (View)
01/25/14: 2007 - 2012 Hunger Factors Index (View)

The Hunger Factors Index, developed by economist Howard Fleeter, provides a way to evaluate how the underlying economic factors that influence hunger have changed in Ohio since the recession of 2008 and 2009.

11/01/13: SFY 2013 Annual Report (View)
09/30/13: Summer Meals Programs for Ohio Children (View)
08/20/13: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ARRA Benefit Cuts (View)
03/19/13: Independent Economic Analysis of OFPACP (View)
01/15/13: Hunger Talks 2013 (View)

Real stories of hunger and its root causes, from the Ohio Association of Foodbanks

12/31/12: Replacing the Thrifty Food Plan in Order to Provide Adequate Allotments for SNAP (FRAC, full report) (View)
12/31/12: Replacing the Thrifty Food Plan in Order to Provide Adequate Allotments for SNAP (FRAC, summary) (View)
11/28/12: Hunger in Ohio (View)
11/20/12: AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates: Final Report 2012 (View)
11/16/12: Letters from Ohio Congressional Members in Support of Protecting SNAP Benefits for Ohioans (View)
11/13/12: SFY 2014-15 Budget Request (View)
11/13/12: Petition to Support Ohio's Hunger Relief Providers (View)
10/31/12: Annual Report Released for State Fiscal Year 2012 (View)
SFY 2012 Annual Report
10/31/12: Summer Food Program Impact Report (View)
08/31/12: Nearly 32% of Ohioans eligible for emergency food assistance (View)
08/31/12: AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate Impact Report (View)
04/02/12: Report on the Impact of the Proposed Budget (View)
05/16/12: OASHF Fact Sheet (View)
01/11/12: OASHF SFY 2011 Annual Report Executive Summary (View)
01/26/11: OASHF SFY 2010 Annual Report (View)
11/01/09: OASHF SFY 2009 Annual Report (View)
10/03/11: Save Service in America: Ohio (View)
04/01/11: Economic Impact of The Ohio Benefit Bank: Technical Report (View)
04/01/11: Economic Impact of The Ohio Benefit Bank Executive Summary (View)
05/01/10: Hunger in America: 2010 Executive Summary (View)
Feeding America
05/01/10: Hunger in Ohio: 2010 Highlights (View)

01/31/10: Hunger in America 2010: Ohio (9936) State Report (View)
Mathematica Policy Research